$985,615,009: Total for Top 4 Disney Movies of 2013

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August 5 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "BWest Byte," Jon Erlichman reports on the total box office haul for the top four Disney movies of 2013. (Source: Bloomberg)

Now it's time for the b-west byte.

Jon, what do you have?

985 million and nine dollars.

-- the total box office drop for the top four disney movies -- "oz," "iron man 3," "lone ranger," and "monster university." the box office total still comes a little bit ahead and do could be a very interesting thing to watch tomorrow when disney reports quarterly results and some are wondering if "the lone ranger," which underperformed, will result in weankess kness or a write down.

They have a huge business and it does not include the rides at the theme parks.

The oz ride that takes you somewhere else?

Looking at the business break down , coming from the cable tv part of the business, espn of being the engine there, the park is about one third of the revenue and studio entertainment is still about 14% of but 10% operating profit.

Characters from the film are very important to feeding the rest of the business, but as far as the heavy lifting its come a long way from the cable television business.

Ceo bob geiger has also agreed to stay on longer since the last time they have reported -- bob iger has agreed to stay.

That's always present.

One reason why they wanted to keep him in the ceo job is because there will be some transitions happening.

If you think about the fact that they are just getting lucasfilm under the bill right now and "star wars" will be so giant and even introducing some of the less tested marvel characters, it's something to watch for sure.

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