$5B Tesla Gigafactory May Unleash Incentive Fray

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Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Tesla's plan to build what co-founder Elon Musk bills as the world’s largest battery factory could not only shake up the power industry but trigger a bidding contest between states eager for the 6,500 jobs the $5 billion investment could create. Matt Miller reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Get it off the ground, to help tesla achieve their mass-market ambition.

Car company, tech company, energy company.

This move would really bring them the possibility of being much more than a car factory, a car company.

He wants to create a gig a-factory, it would not only be the biggest lithium battery in the world but it would produce more than all of the rest of the lithium ion battery factories in the world.

I say lithium and i am a big nerd.

Less than one percent of lithium is used for cars.

It has the potential to reach 27% in 2017. this goes a long way to do this.

Is this use for bipolar disorder?

And also for our phones and ipads.

This is pretty amazing for the car industry, at a time when beijing is being drowned in toxic smog, maybe we will see the biggest car market in the world take a push to electric cars.

But it will be interesting for everything because elon musk would have the ability to power all of our stuff, and if this is combined with his supercharger station, which will be strategically placed around the most important urban areas in the country, we just give elon musk the ability to run america just begun building cars.

If we stay with cars he is looking to produce half of a million.

He said this would produce enough batteries to make half a million.

He is not saying he will produce half a million cars.

He's just giving an idea of the scale.

It would be mass-market within millions -- 10 million cars per year?

It would be mass-market with 10 million cars.

And you could have a reduction price.

For luxury cars this would be mass-market.

With what is going to help them bring down the cost -- elon musk says he wants to build a car that is affordable for you or me.

As far as tesla is concerned, the price, 50% of that is the battery.

Reducing that is an amazing push.

The best conversation all day.

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