$23,852: Average Pay for Amazon Warehouse Associate

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "BWest Byte," Cory Johnson reports on the average salary of an Amazon Warehouse worker. (Source: Bloomberg)

The industry, but the way they focus these cameras on multiple things is really cool.

Now it's time for our bwest byte, one number that means a whole lot.

The president visited the amazon settlement center and found that the average rate of and amazon warehouse associate is 23,000 $852. that includes bonus and compensation.

The base salary -- the satisfaction level of those workers is dragging down the overall effort to 3.3. these are the kinds of jobs president obama is hoping to create with these proposed changes to the business tax structure?

Maybe if they had more warehouses near malibu, the workers would feel better.

I have to say, was that a air foot cory johnson?

-- a barefoot cory johnson?

As far as you know, i'm always barefoot on this show.

Not exactly barefoot.

I could have been.

Next time we want to see you in a wetsuit.

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