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Lenovo Diversifying Into 'Emerging Fields,' Lappin Says

Roderick Lappin, president for Asia Pacific at Lenovo Group Ltd., talks about the world's biggest PC maker's business strategy. He speaks with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television's "Trending Business." (Source: Bloomberg)

Can Reaganomics Save Japan From a Debt Crisis?

Can Ronald Reagan save Japan from a debt crisis? We're about to find out as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe bets the remaining years of his mandate on the former U.S. president's economic philosophy. Bloomberg View's Willie Pesek has more on "Trending Business." (Source: Bloomberg)

Can Japan Really Go Ahead With Its Sales Tax Increase?

Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda’s confidence about reaching his 2 percent inflation target next year isn’t shared by bond investors, market gauges are signaling. Bloomberg's Andy Sharp has more on "Trending Business." (Source: Bloomberg)

Qantas Offers Bonuses After Wage Freeze

Qantas Airways, which froze all employee wages for 18 months as part of a A$2 billion ($1.5 billion) cost-cutting plan, will pay a A$90 million bonus to its staff amid a profit recovery. Bloomberg's David Fickling reports on "Trending Business." (Source: Bloomberg)

China Stocks Pullback 'Healthy': JPMorgan's Chatain

Guillaume Chatain, head of equity solutions for Asia at JPMorgan Private Bank, talks about the deepening bear market in China. He speaks with Yvonne Man on Bloomberg Television's "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)

Record Iron Ore Shipments Weigh on Price

Iron ore exports from Australia’s Port Hedland climbed to an all-time high in June as mining companies in the world’s largest shipper increased low-cost output. Prices tumbled and producers’ shares fell. Bloomberg's Paul Allen reports on "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)

Boring China Banks Provide Haven From Wild Swings

Chinese banks are emerging as the safest bets amid the wildest trading by the nation’s stocks since the the global financial crisis. Although these days, safety in China is relative. Bloomberg's David Ingles and Eduard Gismatullin have more on "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)

Greek Debt Drama Unlikely to End With Vote

Germany and the rest of the euro region are bracing for more Greek political upheaval followed by tortuous negotiations even if the country votes for more austerity in Sunday’s referendum. Bloomberg's Juliette Saly reports on "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)


Why It's All About the Model X for Tesla

Bloomberg Intelligence's Kevin Tynan discusses Tesla beating its car-sales forecast for the second consecutive quarter. He speaks with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson and Matt Miller on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Video Exclusive: Racing the 2016 Acura NSX Up a Mountain

The Acura NSX has been a beloved supercar since its release in 1989, but after being discontinued in 2005, fans have been eagerly awaiting an updated version. Finally, the wait is over. Acura brought a prototype of their new NSX to the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Club to participate as the Pace Car. Bloomberg's Hannah Elliott spent an exclusive weekend with the prototype and shares her first impressions. Archival footage supplied by Acura. (Video by Drew Beebe, Ryo Ikegami, Victoria Blackburne-Daniell) (Source: Bloomberg)

Uncompromising Creativity Is Cornerstone of Plukka: CEO

Plukka CEO and Co-founder Joanne Ooi discusses her online jewelry platform, her listing on the ASX and how she is shaking up the jewelry industry. She speaks to Bloomberg’s Rishaad Salamat on “Trending Business.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Manhattan Home Prices Reach Record on Short Supply

Jonathan Miller, president and chief executive officer at Miller Samuel and a Bloomberg View columnist, speaks with Mark Crumpton about record sales prices in the Manhattan home market. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets.” (Miller is a Bloomberg View columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.) (Source: Bloomberg)

See What a $64,000 Storage Space Looks Like

The cost of owning an apartment in Manhattan has long been sky high, but it isn't just the luxury living spaces that command a premium. In some buildings, wire-cage storage spaces costs the same, or more, per square foot as the apartments. Eldad Blaustein, CEO at IGI USA, shows Bloomberg a $64,000 storage space at 93 Worth St. (Video by Drew Beebe, Brandon Lisy) (Source: Bloomberg)

Bloomberg Surveillance

Is NAIRU 6%? Steven Englander

On “Morning Must Read,” Tom Keene recaps the op-ed pieces and analyst notes that provide insight into today's headlines. Princeton Professor of Economics Alan Krueger also speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Are You Expecting a Raise This Year?

Bloomberg’s Tom Keene, Vonnie Quinn, and Michael McKee examine viewer responses to the Twitter question of the day. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Greece to Open Banks on Monday: Nikos Pappas

Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker recaps his interview with Greek Minister of State Nikos Pappas on the government’s plans for Monday regardless of the results of Sunday’s referendum. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Bloomberg West

How Will Humans Work with Robots?

Clearpath Robotics co-founder Ryan Gariepy discusses how robot makers design machines to interact with humans with Cory Johnson on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Why It's All About the Model X for Tesla

Bloomberg Intelligence's Kevin Tynan discusses Tesla beating its car-sales forecast for the second consecutive quarter. He speaks with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson and Matt Miller on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

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