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Leaving the Euro Gives Greece a Chance at Growth: Stein

Oxford Economics Director of Asset Management Gabriel Stein discusses Greece leaving the currency union and what it would mean for the country. He speaks to Bloomberg's Anna Edwards on "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tsipras' Credibility Is Depleted: Panagiotarea

Hellenic Foundation for Europeann and Foreign Policy ELIAMMEP Research Fellow Eleni Panagiotarea discusses the Greek referendum and the possibility of Alexis Tsipras going back to the negotiating table. She speaks to Bloomberg's Guy Johnson on "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thousands Rally for Tsipras as IMF Payment Looms

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stands firm while thousands rally in support of his government in Syntagma Square. The country is also on course to withhold a $1.7B payment to the IMF. Bloomberg's Guy Johnson reports on "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Fear and Frustration: Life Under Capital Controls

Greeks woke up to their first day living under capital controls on Monday, limited to withdrawals of 60 euros ($67) a day. Bloomberg spent the day in Athens charting the impact on the city's inhabitants, from taxi drivers to pharmacists.

Greece in Crisis: Living With Capital Controls

Greece's 11 million citizens are now coping with capital controls that have locked their savings inside the country's banks. How are they dealing with this new reality? Bloomberg's Guy Johnson reports on "Asia Edge." (Source: Bloomberg)

Declines in China Won't Continue for Long: Von Pfeil

Private Capital Investment Strategist Enzio Von Pfeil discusses the Chinese stock market and the outlook for equities. He speaks to Bloomberg's David Ingles, Juliette Saly, Yvonne Man and Rishaad Salamat on "Asia Edge." (Source: Bloomberg)

Euro May Weaken to Parity by Year End, Kotecha Says

Mitul Kotecha, head of Asia-Pacific foreign exchange strategy ay Barclays Plc, talks about the Greek debt crisis and his expectations for the euro. He speaks with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television's "Trending Business." (Source: Bloomberg)


See What a $64,000 Storage Space Looks Like

The cost of owning an apartment in Manhattan has long been sky high, but it isn't just the luxury living spaces that command a premium. In some buildings, wire-cage storage spaces costs the same, or more, per square foot as the apartments. Eldad Blaustein, CEO at IGI USA, shows Bloomberg a $64,000 storage space at 93 Worth St. (Video by Drew Beebe, Brandon Lisy) (Source: Bloomberg)

Disrupting Fitness Through the ‘King of Gyms’

1Rebel Co-Founder James Balfour discusses the company’s new concept for fitness involving a no membership, high intensity luxury gym. He speaks with Caroline Hyde on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We Want to Improve Technology for Electric Cars: Agag

In today’s “Business of Sport” segment, Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag discusses Formula E, the challenges he faces and the future of the sport. He speaks to Bloomberg’s Mark Barton on “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Range Anxiety? We Test Drive a Tesla in China

China is spending billions on green infrastructure to support electric cars. It's a crucial market for Tesla and other companies, as they fight for customers in the world's biggest auto market. However, sales of electric cars have been disappointing in China, with drivers worried about being able to charge their cars. Bloomberg's Alexandra Ho reports. (Source: Bloomberg)

Bloomberg Surveillance

Greece Imposes Capital Controls: Surveillance (06/29)

Full episode of "Bloomberg Surveillance." Guests: Gina Martin Adams, Miranda Xafa, Jamie Murray, Indira Lakshmanan, Golnar Motevalli, Tobias Levkovich, Jeffrey Sachs, Constantinos Michalos, Mohamed El-Erian and Justin Fox. (Source: Bloomberg)

Who Is to Blame for the Greek Crisis?

Bloomberg’s Tom Keene, Vonnie Quinn, and Carl Riccadonna examine viewer responses to the Twitter question of the day. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Greece Plays Colonel Blotto With Europe: Justin Fox

Bloomberg View's Justin Fox discusses the Greek crisis. Citigroup Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Tobias Levkovich also speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” Fox's opinions are his own. (Source: Bloomberg)

Greece Is in the Intensive Care Unit: El-Erian

Bloomberg View columnist Mohamed El-Erian discusses the uncertainty in Europe surrounding Greece. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets.” (El-Erian is a Bloomberg View columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.) (Source: Bloomberg)

Jeffrey Sachs: Let Greece Default

Jeffrey Sachs, a professor at Columbia University, talks about Greece's debt crisis and the nation's future in the euro. He speaks with Tom Keene and Vonnie Quinn on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bloomberg West

SpaceX Rocket Explodes: Bloomberg West (06/29)

Full episode of "Bloomberg West." Guests: Revolution Ventures' Clara Sieg, Lori Garver, general manager of the Air Line Pilots Association and former deputy administrator at NASA, Chris Hadfield, astronaut and author, Yelp's Vince Sollitto and Matterport co-founder Matt Bell. (Source: Bloomberg)

How Matterport Is Bringing Virtual Reality to Real Estate

Matterport co-founder Matt Bell explains how the company is bringing virtual reality to real estate. He speaks with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." Revolution Ventures' Clara Sieg also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

French Police Hold Two Top Uber Executives

Two Uber senior managers are being held by French police, after rival taxi drivers violently protested the company’s ride-sharing service last week. Bloomberg's Cory Johnson reports on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

With All Due Respect

With All Due Respect (06/29/15)

Al Hunt and John Heilemann are joined by California Republican Congressman Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on "With All Due Respect".

With All Due Respect (06/26/15)

Josh Green and John Heilemann are joined by Boies, Schiller & Flexner Chairman David Boies and Abyssinian Baptist Church’s Reverend Calvin O. Butts on “With All Due Respect” on Bloomberg Television.