What’s on the CEO Agenda for 2015?

The Year Ahead: 2015 will bring together global corporate and policy leaders for a deep dive into the economic and industry issues that will be on every CEO’s agenda in 2015. Bloomberg connects the leaders of today to the innovators, influencers and policymakers setting the agenda in the new year.

Discussion Topics Include:

> Cyber Threats: The attacks coming in 2015

> The Art of Disruption: It’s not as easy as it looks

> The Business of Politics: What the midterm elections really mean

> Winning in China: Wooing consumers in the world’s largest market

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Featured Speakers


James B. Lee, Jr.
Vice Chairman,
JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Terry J. Lundgren
Chairman & CEO,
Macy’s Inc.


Ray Kelly
President of Risk Management, Cushman & Wakefield; Former Police Commissioner, NYC Police Department


Bob Pittman
Chairman & CEO,
Clear Channel

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