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Sell-side firms need to convert expertise into action at a relentless pace. Our global order and execution management solutions for equities and equity derivatives span your entire workflow, delivering functionality and connectivity designed to increase revenue, optimize efficiency, improve direct market access and manage risk.


Sell-Side Execution and Order Management Solutions

Bloomberg Sell-Side Execution & Order Management Solutions (SSEOMS) offers sell-side equity trading firms an integrated suite of solutions for idea generation, liquidity management, trade execution, position management, risk and P&L, and compliance. Its intuitive navigation, customizable views and advanced tools help optimize equities and equity derivatives trading workflows across your entire trade workflow.

Optimize Workflow

Order flow capture and execution management with trading and sales workflows

Trade processing solutions and customer account management

Automatic trade reporting and real-time alerts for handling trading breaches

Increase Direct Market Access

Connectivity to exchanges and diverse liquidity pools

IOI capabilities to target institutional holders

Manage Care or DMA client orders with automatic routing rules with true “no touch” capabilities

Manage Risk and Compliance

Firm-wide transparency into real-time positions and P&Ls

Real-time alerts on trading breaches, trading limits and thresholds

Global regulatory and trade history reporting

Improve Operational Efficiency

Real-time integration with back office providers

Allocation managed via full integration to Omgeo and direct FIX connectivity to clients’ OMS

Comprehensive Connectivity

Trading workflows typically require users to move in and out of disparate systems. SSEOMS offers a more streamlined approach. It is fully integrated with the Bloomberg Professional® service, providing a single, convenient workspace with all the connectivity you need. SSEOMS is a complete market access solution with connections to exchanges and diverse liquidity pools for any given market. It also enables firms to fulfill market making obligations and work customer orders directly from market depth and complete proprietary trades.

Handle IOIs and other analytics

Distribute orders as well as market color

Publish research

Merge order data with proprietary data and apply industry standard analytics

Access 80,000 buy-side professionals