Enterprise Risk

Managing risk is more critical than ever. And more complicated. Risk managers must contend with new regulatory requirements, front-office demands and investor needs, plus technology and data challenges, all with a limited budget. Bloomberg can help. Our risk solutions enable firms to create comprehensive views and quickly generate reliable risk calculations for proactive analysis.


Bloomberg’s Enterprise Risk solution delivers comprehensive market risk capabilities designed to help firms quickly identify risk in the trading book and manage it more easily. Risk management teams can use this solution to create transparent views of firm-wide risk and drill down to specific securities to make more informed decisions faster and improve workflow. Our solution is also fully integrated with Bloomberg Order Management Systems, Asset and Investment Manager (AIM), Trade Order Management Solutions (TOMS), the Bloomberg Professional® service and our Reference Data Services, setting the stage for more effective collaboration with traders and portfolio managers.


Configurable Experience

  • Choose risk models, configure data settings and control aggregation
  • Create unique views with customizable dashboards and interfaces
  • Access risk results from the enterprise or business unit level down to individual traders and portfolio managers
  • Implement custom risk calculations

Comprehensive Risk Analysis

  • View all standard risk measures, including VaR, stressed VaR, backtesting, stress tests and Greeks
  • Create reports for internal risk management, investors and regulatory compliance
  • Browse a dynamic library of historical stress tests, regulatory stress tests and asset-class-specific scenarios or create custom stress scenarios
  • Use flexible slice-and-dice capabilities with on-demand reaggregation
  • Drill down to individual securities to see the impact at any level of the firm

Efficient Workflow

  • Correct and sign off on risk reporting batches quickly and easily
  • Archive all results
  • Back-date stress scenarios with full reproducibility of results
  • Offload the burden of system management to a hosted platform that increases enterprise flexibility and scalability
  • Gain immediate access to Bloomberg’s data and analytics

Seamless Integration

Our Enterprise Risk solution integrates with AIM and TOMS, so you can pull positions automatically without complex implementations or processing and push critical risk information to traders and portfolio managers.

Firms can also depend on our trusted market data for risk computations and aggregation through Bloomberg Reference Data Services.

And you can access risk results using the same financial platform as traders and portfolio managers, the Bloomberg Professional® service.