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Biggest home price increase projected in 2014: Chicago-Joliet-Naperville metro

Forecast 4-year price increase: 16.3 percent
Current median price: $205,000
Prices to reach trough in: 2011 Q1
Median family income: $71,100
Population: 7,998,260

Financial services firm PNC reports that Chicago’s housing market is starting to improve and unemployment has peaked. Monthly sales activity has been increasing in the Chicago region for one year and is expected to remain positive through September, reports, a housing news site and forum. The high unemployment rate, 10.6 percent in June, will affect demand for housing. While home prices are expected to decrease slightly through the end of the year, Fiserv and Moody’s forecast they will start to trend upwards in 2011.

Index used to calculate historical home price changes: Case-Shiller