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Noah Kalina

No. 1

Chris Dixon, 38
Co-founder, Hunch
Chris Dixon’s blog

No. of angel investments: 23
Companies funded (a sampling): Skype, Postini,, Knewton, DailyBooth

Chris Dixon has been through three stages as an angel investor. When he worked at Bessemer Venture Partners he put his own money along side of Bessemer investments—notably in Skype, he pointed out in an e-mail. Then he struck out on his own, investing in OMGPOP and BillShrink, among other startups. Since then, he has co-founded a seed-stage fund, Founder Collective, where he has invested in, Vook, and several other companies he can’t disclose yet.

Looking over the history of the tech industry, is there one company in which he would have liked to have been an angel investor? "My personal favorite would have to be Apple," he said. "The idea of helping Steve Jobs and [Steve] Wozniak with their seemingly crazy idea of bringing computers to the masses just seems like it would have been awesome."