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McDonough School of Business

When prospective students visit Georgetown University, tour guides like to say there are two important dates in the school history: 1789, the year the school was founded; and 1984, the year their men's basketball team captured the national championship. Tour guides for prospective McDonough students could utilize a similar device. The two important years in the B-school's history are 1957, the year it was founded, and 2009, the inaugural year of McDonough's new central building. Pictured above, the Rafik B. Hariri building's exterior combines elements of the famed Healy Hall with modern architectural techniques.

The new building will house the more than 1,300 undergraduate business majors, as well as nearly 950 graduate business students—more than 500 of them full-time MBAs—who attend Georgetown. McDonough compounds its advantageous Washington locale with a distinctive international program that allows business hopefuls the chance to experience the world before entering (or re-entering) it. With a highly ranked undergraduate program and an improving graduate school, McDonough is counting on its new building to mark the continued ascent of its business schools just as the 1984 championship squad did for Hoya basketball.

Photos provided by Georgetown University. Caption information provided by the school and BusinessWeek research.

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