Owen Graduate School of Management

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Owen Graduate School of Management

Vanderbilt University is a private Southern institution nestled in Nashville. Though the university was founded in 1873, its business school was born almost 100 years later, in 1969. The grand opening of the management school was less than glamorous: it originally opened its doors to ten students and ten faculty members in a former funeral home. Today, the Owen Graduate School of Management ranks among the nation's best B-schools and is praised for its strong peer dynamics and school loyalty.

Nashville is more than a stone's throw from Wall Street, but Vanderbilt's strength in finance is nonetheless one of Owen's strongest draws. Other strengths are garnered from the rich and established traditions of Vanderbilt, including its top academic medical center. The school offers a broad spectrum of graduate management degree programs including a full-time MBA, Health Care MBA, Executive MBA, MS Finance, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Management in Health Care. After graduation, MBAs typically earn $34,000 more than they did before attending Owen.

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