Haas School of Business

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Haas School of Business

Founded in 1898, the Haas School of Business is the oldest public business school in the U.S., but its graduates generate some of the newest ideas in all areas of business. Haas' emphasis on entrepreneurship and its proximity to nearby Silicon Valley make the school a launching point for many new businesses.

Admissions officers can afford to be demanding of their applicants since Haas is among the most selective MBA programs in the country, and both the MBA and undergraduate programs consistently rank among the best in the BusinessWeek rankings. The school prides itself on producing graduates who have, above all else, confidence without attitude. Teamwork lies at the heart of most Haas coursework, and students often learn as much from each other as from the faculty.

Photos provided by the University of California at Berkeley. Caption information provided by the school and BusinessWeek research.

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