Photo illustration by Ray Vella

Which lenders make the most small-business loans? The Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy compiles an annual report that seeks to answer that question. This slide show highlights data points from a table on the small-business lending of large lending institutions (those with total domestic assets of more than $10 billion) within the SBA's most recent report. The table is based on quarterly reports filed by the financial institutions with their depository regulators for the June 2007 through June 2008 period and Community Reinvestment Act reports for 2007.

The SBA's table ranks the small business lending of the 100 largest lending institutions. Each lending institution is ranked from 1 to 100 on the basis of four criteria that measure the emphasis on small business lending in a lender's loan portfolio. Lenders are ranked based on their overall lending, not lending under SBA programs. Flip through this slide show for a look at the top 25 lenders.