Gratuitous Product Knock-Offs

Gratuitous Product Knock-Offs

Damian Joseph

Each year, Aktion Plagiarius doles out a little shame to companies that imitate, forge, or fake their way to cheap profits. Organizers pick some of the most egregious examples of product rip-offs, and award the offending manufacturers or distributors with a "Plagiarus" Award. It's a dubious honor; as the judges like to put it, a "negative award."

Aktion Plagiarius doesn't do this for fun. Rather, it's intended to send out a clear message that stealing ideas is not O.K. Not only can knockoffs be dangerous to consumers, they rob companies' incentive to innovate. After all, why throw money into design and research when anyone can cash in on your effort?

Here, then, are the winners of the 2009 Plagiarius Awards. Spot the fakes. (Hint: Originals are on the left, phonies are on the right.)

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