Tech's Best Young Entrepreneurs

Drew Houston, 25

Company: Dropbox

Funding: $15,000 in seed capital from YCombinator; details of a subsequent VC investment are undisclosed

How do you share your computer files with co-workers or gain access to them away from the office? You probably e-mail attachments to them and to yourself, or carry a tiny USB drive that's easy enough to lose. Houston, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has created a computer application that creates a special folder on your machine. You can then drop files into that folder to make them instantly available over the Internet to any other computer you choose. You can also open them through a Web browser if you're using someone else's machine. Although still available only through a closed Beta test, the service has 100,000 users.

Advice: "The way we handle it is by staying lean—meaning being frugal and having a smaller, more cohesive team—and staying both close to our customers and focused on a few things that we do really well rather than trying to pursue every opportunity or add every feature."