Leon Ho


Age: 27

Company: is a productivity solution company; Stepcase's is a blog that delivers content for people who seek improvements in their everyday life; and Stepcase Apps, which is in development, is an online software platform for helping people further on their organization.

Education: BS in information technology and graduate certification in human resources and management

Prior work experience: Technical support engineer, software engineer, manager of a research and development team at Red Hat

On being an entrepreneur: "Stepcase is a rare opportunity for me, as it fits all my passions: productivity, Web, software development, and startup. You don't have to plan the business completely and come up with a brilliant idea before starting a venture. The idea and plan will evolve when you work on the business. As the founder may be required to wear several hats at the beginning, it is easier to be all-rounded (jack-of-all-trades) and able to learn on the fly, than a specialized field individual."