Paddy Tan Lek Han

Age: 32

Company: BAK2u develops and provides unique lost-and-found services through antitheft software to protect owners' gadgets.

Education: Degree in engineering management (University of Western Sydney), higher diploma in business management (University of Oklahoma), diploma in materials engineering (Singapore Polytechnic)

Prior work experience: Country manager at Interactife, Hong Kong; country manager at RealVision Hong Kong; business development engineer at Shinei Internation

On being an entrepreneur: "One of the biggest motivations was seeing how hard my parents work as hawkers, cooked food sellers, when I was young. I saw myself starting my own business as an escape route to provide a better life for them. Strong and supportive family and friends can make you go the extra mile. Whenever I am down with all the problems, I just need to look at them to give me strength and confidence to move an inch closer."