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Perez Hilton
Launched: September, 2004
Revenue: Estimated $111,000 a month based on ad rates and self-reported traffic data

Celebrity gossip wag Perez Hilton revels in his role as one of the most-hated figures in Hollywood. He may also be the hardest-working blogger making fun of show business, with 24 posts on an average day—and as many as 40 on a day with talk of a Britney Spears meltdown. "Advertisers come to me because I get a lot of traffic. I get a lot of traffic because I work hard," says Mario Lavandeira, Perez's creator. By "a lot" he means as many as 4 million unique visits a day, according to Lavandeira, although independent estimates put his traffic much lower. How much does that translate into cash from the Blogads on his site? Lavandeira stays uncharacteristically mum on the subject of exactly how much cash he rakes in, but Blogads lists a one-day "takeover" (all three banner ads on the site, plus a custom wallpaper) for $40,000.

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