Small Biz

Launched: January, 2000
Revenue: Over $1 million a year

BoingBoing, a "directory of wonderful things," might be the king of moneymaking blogs. Always at the top of Technorati, in June the site garnered 22 million page views from 2.6 million unique visitors. Advertising costs range from $350 to display a small button ad for one week to between $2,000 and $3,000 for the minimum 170,000 impressions on banner ads, all sold exclusively through Federated Media. Frequent posting—the four authors update the site 20 to 40 times each day—drives high traffic to the blog, which Mark Frauenfelder and his wife, Carla Sinclair, started as a print zine in 1988, to write about comics, science fiction, computers, and technology. "BoingBoing's viewers just continued to grow and grow and grow, for reasons we still don't completely understand," Frauenfelder says. "Now it's at the point where it actually becomes a business." And a good one at that: BoingBoing's ad sales top $1 million a year.

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