Small Biz

Launched: July, 2005
Revenue: Estimated $166,000 a month based on ad rates and self-reported traffic data

Pete Cashmore started Mashable two years ago, to write about the emerging trend of mashups, which he defines as "the fusing of multiple Web services." Now it's more than a full-time job. "Bloggers don't get much sleep," he says. Mashable, a Technorati favorite that ranks in its top 15, focuses on social networking and other online trends. With 4 million monthly page views, Cashmore says it's the most-trafficked blog on the subject. But he didn't expect to make a living from it when he began. "The idea that top bloggers would be making large sums was laughable," Cashmore says. "The folks who held on, however, are doing pretty well these days." Mashable uses Federated Media for its ad sales. Text ads start at $100 per week, banners at $2,000.

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