Europe's Young Entrepreneurs 2007

Rajeshwar Anand

Brighton, England
Age: 25

Rajeshwar Anand, an entrepreneur with degrees in computer systems engineering, computer science, and artificial intelligence, is behind Kwiqq, a four-month-old company that creates customizable social-networking Web sites. Kwiqq's Web-based software creates online social networks tailored to the specific needs of a company's customers or user base. The pitch is that niche-market social networks help strengthen companies' brands, develop customer loyalty, expand their customer base, and grow revenues. Target clients include sports, media, and travel businesses. Among the first to sign up was First Choice Travel, which is using the product with its 2wentys and Holiday Village brands across Europe.

Anand first floated the idea behind Kwiqq during a competition at Cranfield University. After he was selected as one of six top entrepreneurs, he decided to take his idea a step further and develop a business. His work is already grabbing attention: Kwiqq was recently invited by an educational organization called the Hansard Society, on behalf of Britain's Parliament, to be one of 50 stakeholders to contribute ideas for improving the role of information and communications technology in democracy.

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