Europe's Young Entrepreneurs 2007
 Artemi Krymski, BytePlay Ltd
 Thomas Mylonas, Dotkite
 Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter
 Rajeswar Anand,
 Karoli Hindriks, Goodmood (Haetuju Maaletooja)
 Michele Finotto, Wonsys
 Matthew Turner, Creative Pod
 Albert and Victor Martin-Garcia, Moneytrackin SL
 Jonas Hombert, JayCut
 David Mollart, Snowstorm Design
 Robert Gaal & Wouter Broekhof, Wakoopa
 James B. Watt: BrewDog, Valve 77, Buzzfire
 Sten Saar, Realister
 Monshur Alam, Alam Brothers
 Boris Kolev & Bilyana Hristova, JT International Ltd.
 Jonathan Friend, Friend Media Technology Systems

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