Small Biz

A Fish Story

Entrepreneur: Javier Donoso
Company: Geomar
Country: Chile
Employees: 100
Revenues pre-Endeavor in 2002: $2 million
Current Revenues: $6 million

In past travels to Asia, Javier Donoso saw an opportunity to export seafood products from Chile to Asia. In 1995, he launched Geomar and shipped his first seafood order to Taiwan. When Endeavor selected Donoso in 2002, Geomar had outgrown its factory, so the nonprofit helped him open a larger facility with fancier equipment. MBA intern teams aided in researching international expansion opportunities, and Endeavor's board of directors and mentor network guided Donoso in raising capital and negotiating with shareholders. With Endeavor's help, Geomar experienced 225% sales growth and 193% job growth from 2002 to 2006.

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