Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneurs

Tech's Next Gen: The Best and Brightest

Here's the latest crop of techno-wonderboys, from widget-wranglers to playlist-parsers

By technology staff

Each year, scours the tech landscape for those entrepreneurs, aged 30 and under, most likely to shape the world's digital future.

This year's list represents tech's best and brightest, culled from a long list of nominees by the top U.S. venture-capital firms and editors. As often is the case with younger entrepreneurs, a lot of these guys—and as it happens, they're all men—are helping drive innovation on the Internet. This year's hot areas include social networking, digital music, and Web applications. Others are on the cutting-edge of chips, and one is building a better flat-panel display.

One finalist raised hundreds of millions of dollars, while others funded themselves with credit cards. Each is leaving a mark on tech. To see how, and find out the most important lessons they've learned, read on.

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