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Tumi: Luxury Luggage, and a Lot More

The travel-gear brand has expanded its offerings to include sportswear, watches, pens, and other items, as well as an extensive range of bags

By Helen Walters

Tumi, the prestige travel brand, first became popular in the 1980s with the introduction of its plain black, ballistic nylon travel bag—a radical design given the florid luggage of the time. Since then, the line has become predominantly popular with male business travelers, who make up some two-thirds of its clientele.

In recent years, Tumi has branched out from its core offering of luggage to offer “relevant” accessories such as watches, belts, pens—even electronic equipment. Chief Executive Officer Laurence Franklin put the retail value of products in 2006 at $350 million, a 20% growth from the previous year, while he expects a similar rate of growth over the next two years.

With the recent appointment of Executive Creative Director David Chu, the founder of billion-dollar clothing empire Nautica, new programs include the extension of its women's lines and an aggressive expansion into international markets such as India. Here's a look at some of Tumi's most recent offerings.

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