Wonders of the World


Lakewood Church

Completed 2005
Architects: Morris Architects

As megachurches go, the Lakewood is a gigachurch. With tens of thousands of worshippers, it is one of the largest churches (as measured by number of worshippers) in the U.S., and its new site gives it claim to the largest house of worship as well. A $75 million renovation converted the former Compaq Center sports arena into a 600,000 square foot nondenominational church with a 16,000-seat sanctuary, a children's ministry with space for 5,000, a bookstore, and food service facilities. Thanks to cineplex-like seats and large imposing stage and video screens, Sunday church seems more like a trip to a stadium rock concert. Lakewood's spiritualtainment is filmed and broadcast by its state-of-the-art television studio.

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