America's Best Young Entrepreneurs

Check out 25 smart new businesses from some of the brightest entrepreneurs in the U.S. aged 25 and under

By Jeffrey Gangemi and Douglas MacMillan

The success of the entrepreneurs behind Digg, YouTube, and Facebook will undoubtedly inspire a growing breed of the young, energetic, and self-reliant who are more than willing to gamble that their startups will fly. But it's not just about role models. The idea that entrepreneurship is a viable career path is ingrained across the U.S., and the number of resources for startups continues to swell. So when we set out to find the latest batch of fresh faces and examine what makes their businesses tick, it wasn't surprising to see their ages skewing younger and their ideas getting smarter.

In August, kicked off its second annual search for the best young entrepreneurs in the U.S. by asking readers to nominate promising entrepreneurs age 25 or under. The results were impressive, with more than 300 people nominating their favorites, which we whittled down to 25 businesses with real potential. Check out this slide show profiling each of them, then cast your vote on the last page. We'll report the results in November.

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