The Indoor/Outdoor House

The posh enclave of Palm Desert, Calif., is home to some of the most exclusive country clubs in the country, the kind of meticulously manicured oases where the initiation fees run $300,000. You can imagine some of the spreads in this gilded playland then. Billionaires like both Bill Gates's (Sr. and Jr.) and Roger Penske have second, third, or fourth homes here. Still, the community was all ooh and ahhh when word got out about Duane Hagadone's new, 32,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor house, which after four years of planning is scheduled for completion in January, 2007. The house is nothing if not spectacular. Built into the side of a mountain, and overlooking 11 golf courses in three directions, the futuristic spread has 19 electronic, moveable glass walls that can open onto the mountain air and the vast network of pools that weave through the property. The pools themselves are a work of art, tiled with 4.5 million tiles shipped in from Italy. "I'm 74 and I'm not getting younger," says Hagadone. "I want to enjoy it."

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