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Brad Fitzpatrick

The Company: LiveJournal, a sprawling online blogging community where friends keep up with each other's lives, sold to Six Apart for an undisclosed price in early 2005.

Funding: None, Fitzpatrick just solicited "donations" from users to keep the site going.

Background Check: Fitzpatrick started LiveJournal at University of Washington as a way to keep up with his friends. Those friends told other friends and they told other friends, and pretty soon he found himself running a growing social networking/blogging site. Now Fitzpatrick is Six Apart's chief architect and unofficial resident troublemaker. He used to hold weekly Segway races around the office until he put a hole in a wall and Six Apart CEO Barak Berkowitz put a stop to it. Fitzpatrick is into writing code that solves difficult problems, then posting it free for anyone to use online. He's written some of the underlying software used by sites like Friendster, Wikipedia, and much of the online porn industry.

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