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2006 IDEA Awards

“Terrific! This category hasn't seen innovation in more than 100 years.”


Design Explorations

The Hover Creeper

CREDIT: Davison Design & Development, Inc. and Whiteside Manufacturing Company, Inc.

To provide a buttressed competitive stance for this leading creeper manufacturer, the design team was asked to explore ways to reinvent the traditional mechanic's creeper; create a fresh, innovative identity; and facilitate a regain of market share. The Hover Creeper takes advantage of the air compressors found in most professional and do-it-yourself garages. Rather than maneuvering using wheels, bladders filled with air from the compressor "hover" the mechanic in place under the vehicle. As little as 40 PSI will lift a 300-pound person. Without wheels, the creeper will no longer get caught in cracks or on floor debris. Once in place, the mechanic simply turns off the unit to lower to the ground for added leverage while working. In addition, air-powered tools can be attached directly to built-in air valves on either side of the creeper.

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