Photos of original cars courtesy of Serious Wheels


Actor: George Carlin
Vehicle: 1960 VW Bus

Any Baby Boomer with a still-intact memory recalls the anthem of the 60s, a VW bus, most likely painted in psychedelic colors and outfitted with a mattress in the back. But the symbol of Hippy Life was first introduced by Volkswagen in Germany in 1950 as a cargo van or "transporter" that the company blandly called Type 2. Type 1, of course, was the then-ubiquitous VW "beetle," the staple of the company and a hot seller since its 1930s introduction.
First sold in the U.S. in 1949, production of the beetle, or "bug," jumped to over 16 million by 1973. By then, the bus had become a well-known car among American youth, who often would paint a peace symbol across its front. Sill a collectors' item: the split front window models that VW stopped making in 1967. Of course, Fillmore still yearns for the Hippy Dippy Days of the bug's youth (and is played by the Hippy Dippy Weatherman George Carlin). He brews his own organic fuel, which he offers visitors in a tasting room behind his love-bead-and-tie-dyed geodesic dome. Of course, Fillmore's biggest critic is super straight Sarge, who happens to live next door.

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