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HOK Sport

Cardinals Stadium

Glendale, Arizona

Cardinals Stadium, Glendale, Ariz.
Peter Eisenmann and HOK Sport
To be completed by fall 2006

When Cardinals Stadium is completed next fall, it will be the first sports facility in North America to feature a removable grass field and a retractable roof. Contained in a 12-million pound, 234-foot-wide by 400-foot-long tray, the roll-out field takes about 45 minutes to move in and or out of the stadium. Leaving it outside of the stadium, the designers estimate, will eliminate humidity problems inside and save $50 million in costs associated with maintaining the grass indoors.

Designed by world-renowned architect Peter Eisenman in association with HOK Sport (a leader in sports architecture), the $355 million, 160-acre stadium is designed with the arid climate and the environment in mind. Its insulated metal skin is composed of panels separated by vertical open-air gaps that allow natural light to enter. The retractable fabric roof will give the 63,000-seat stadium an open-air feel even when it is closed.

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