Wang Hongjun, whose Huayi Brothers Media group, founded with his brother as an advertising firm in 1994, is now a big player in Chinese film production with hits like Kung Fu Hustle. He relaxes at his 20,000 sq ft home, smoking a Cuban Hoyo cigar, surroun

Photo by mark leong/redux

Flaunting Wealth in China

Chinese millionaires aren't afraid to show off anymore. Check out these homes and luxuries they've acquired

Even though it has been nearly three decades since Deng Xiaoping declared that getting rich is glorious, just a few years back China's millionaires were running scared. When a survey of China's richest appeared in 1999, wags called it the "death list" after a tax crackdown targeted many who made the cut and landed some in jail.

Now, China is embracing them. More than 300,000 Chinese have a net worth over $1 million, excluding property, and mainland millionaires control some $530 billion in assets. Film producer Wang Zhongjun is one of them, shown here in the sculpture garden of his house just north of Beijing.

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