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10 Sep 2004 --- Crispin, Porter & Bogusky --- Image by © Brian Smith/Corbis Outline

Brian Smith/Corbis Outline

Alex Bogusky

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Edgy creative work, including the much-hyped campaign for Burger King and the U.S. launch of the bmw Mini line of cars, has earned Crispin Porter + Bogusky a reputation as the hottest ad agency around. So hot, in fact, that executive creative director Alex Bogusky, along with partners Chuck Porter and Jeff Hicks, persuaded Volkswagen of America to simply walk its $400 million account into the Miami agency in September. Like Burger King before it, Volkswagen didn’t even ask other agencies to bid for
their business.

Creativity magazine has called the Miami-based agency “perhaps the leading creative force in advertising.” Bogusky’s media agnosticism lies at the heart of the revolution that he and his colleagues are leading. Creative directors had long focused first on splashy, expensive tv ads, then on print and posters, and lastly on radio and the Internet. Public relations and viral marketing? Never. But Bogusky has shredded those notions. For him, great tv= great Net campaign=great idea for a series of live events= great idea for podcasts.

Bogusky is also linking up with creative people outside the advertising business. cp+b bought stakes in two hot branding and design shops, Bruce Mau Design and Yves Béhar’s fuseproject.

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