Young Entrepreneurs
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Serious Telephony for the Little Guy

No. 4: David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos

GotVMail Communications
Newton, Mass.
Founded: 2003
Ages: 23 (Hauser) and 24 (Taghaddos)

Hauser and Taghaddos each started their first businesses while still in high school and later met through a mutual buddy while undergrads at Babson. "We went to a college known for entrepreneurship, and we noticed that a lot of people we knew were frustrated by the high price tag of phone systems, which can easily cost $10,000," says Taghaddos. "Everyone also complained that customers don't take businesses that list a personal cell-phone number seriously."

So Hauser and Taghaddos tapped friends for startup funds and launched GotVMail. The company offers small-biz owners an affordable way to sound as professional as large-scale companies. Services begin at $10 per month and offer a range of options, including multiple voice-mail boxes, call forwarding, and e-mail delivery of MP3 phone messages. GotVMail has been profitable since its second month in business, and annual revenues are currently $5 million.

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