Young Entrepreneurs

Translating into Dollars

Lucas Morea

Santa Monica, Calif.
Founded: 2002 (the U.S. company)
Age: 24

Twenty-four may seem like a young age to be an entrepreneur, but Morea started his company when he was just a 16-year-old boy in Argentina. Frustrated that he couldn't find online content in Spanish, he started a site called, where anyone could post or share content in Spanish. He started selling advertising so he could afford to add servers as the business grew.

Today, he has translated that success into a U.S.-based business, Latin Edge, which consults with U.S. companies that want to advertise on Spanish sites. His company also makes media purchases on their behalf in Latin countries. Morea is relieved that he's finally old enough to drink at business dinners.

Lesson learned:
"Do what you love to do. We spend the majority of our lifetime just working, so it doesn't make sense to do anything just for the money."

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