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Special Report Jerome Caruso

The Creations of Jerome Caruso

Here's a visual retrospective of the designer's extensive portfolio, which includes an early digital watch and the Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer

Industrial designer Jerome Caruso is the quiet force behind a spectrum of critically acclaimed and award-winning products. His line of Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezers transformed the household appliance and helped inspire the $200,000 showcase kitchen. And his work for design giant Herman Miller has injected new innovations into tired old chairs.

Born in Chicago and raised in Oak Park, Ill., Caruso refined his design philosophy during his time in Europe in the 1960s, focusing on quality, detail, concept, and pure lines. Studying under Danish masters at the University of Copenhagen and later at the Bernadotte and Bjorn design studio, Caruso went on to found his own Jerome Caruso Design Studio first in Brussels and later in Lake Forest, Ill., where he continues to design and innovate out of his one-man shop.

Caruso has demonstrated his prodigious talent in a career spanning nearly 40 years. Here is an edited retrospective of his work.

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