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 Johnney Shih K.Y. Lee Hsu Wen-long Ray Chen Tsai Wan-tsai Y.C. Wang Terry Gou Barry Lam Morris Chang Robert Tsao
Special Report Who's Who

Who's Who in Taiwan Inc.

Here's a gallery of the island's top corporate chieftans and where their companies fit in its economy

Tiny Taiwan -- about the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined -- plays an outsize role in the global economy. Multinationals like Sony, Apple, and Philips spend billions each year buying Taiwanese-made and -designed computers, chips, cell phones, and other gadgets. Microsoft, battling to become a player in cell-phone software, works closely with Taiwanese partner High Tech Computer. Sun Microsystems buys servers from Taiwan's Mitac International. And, increasingly, companies like BenQ, which makes TVs and mobile phones, are selling goods under their own names. Here's an introduction to some of Taiwan's corporate elite.