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Ailish says she's "an aspiring mad scientist" who is "fascinated by the dynamics of disease," especially epidemics. Her mad-scientist bent may soon have an impact on the latter. Ailish discovered a new antibiotic that's already being tested against HIV, SARS, and West Nile disease in a University of Mississippi lab.

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Bateman isolated a new antibiotic from this sponge-like growth, called sooty mold. Scientifically known as known as Scorias spongiosa, sooty molds grown on beech trees.
The new antibiotic, called scoriosin, was extracted from an ugly, spongelike fungus: Scorias spongiosa, commonly known as sooty mold. It grows on beech trees, nourished by the sticky secretions of tiny insects, such as aphids and mealy bugs. After isolating scoriosin from a clump of fungus infecting a tree near her Long Island (N.Y.) home, Ailish showed that the compound combats at least three types of so-called Gram-positive bacteria. This family of microbes includes anthrax toxin, but scoriosin hasn't been tested against anthrax so far.

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funding more r&d: Debating the moral issues we face today is a luxury we may not have tomorrow. A number of factors, from the emergence of China as an economic superpower to the volatile situation with Syria and Iran, may force a shift in focus and scientific funding. The U.S. must continue to evolve in both military and manufacturing technology. The world is changing quickly, and science must respond.


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