Robert's research is difficult to describe meaningfully in everyday language, as even he readily admits. Basically, he investigated methods to partition a particular graph into cyclical subgraphs. A cycle is inclusive if it circumnavigates a polygon without intersecting itself. All other cycles are exclusive.

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COMMENTS On The Issues

Where would the extra funds come from? Much of the extra funding would ultimately pay for itself over time, particularly medicine and health care and biotechnology. With the current state of the health-care system, any advances in efficiency would have a tremendous money-saving effect for the federal Medicaid and Medicare systems, as well as allowing for increased disposable income. While other fields, particularly mathematics, would not have such an immediate impact, the long-term effect of an advanced scientific base cannot be underestimated. It should be relatively easy to cut pork-barrel projects and some discretionary fiscal spending. I know that in Albuquerque, my home town, the city authorities seem to have a preoccupation with curbs--ripping up perfectly good curbs and replacing them with the exact same design. If there's enough money to do things like that, there's enough to spend where it really matters.


Robert T. Cordwell

Manzano High School
Albuquerque, N.M.

Hobbies: Boy Scouts and camping (he's an Eagle Scout), cross-country running (five miles a day), and reading old science fiction novels

Ambition: Math research or Wall Street