Where Clean Energy Dollars Went in 2013

By Eric Roston - 2014-04-07T18:19:47Z

Photograph by Meg Roussos/Bloomberg

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2. Wind Energy

Costs are down for turbine producers. A rebound in CO2-credit pricing may also push up demand, according to Bloomberg Industries.

Obstacles remain. An outdated power grid could slow wind development. Far-flung turbine arrays and the intermittency of wind itself may require expensive, politically unpopular grid upgrades. High-voltage transmission lines, which sometimes face local resistance, are needed to move power from wind farms to power users. Natural gas, long touted as a "bridge" to renewable energy, may end up stealing investment from wind. 

The wind industry drew $112.4 billion last year, down 10 percent from its 2011 peak. 

Left: Caithness Shepherds Flat wind farm in Arlington, Oregon.

Watch for updates from the BNEF Future of Energy Summit.