World Economic Forum 2014: Overheard in Davos

By Bloomberg Briefs - 2014-01-22T18:19:25Z

Photograph by Jason Alden/Bloomberg

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Denis O'Brien

Denis O’Brien, the chairman of Digicel, the largest telecommunications company in the Caribbean, said he was bullish on equities.

“I’m going to stick with global telecom stocks,’’ the 55-year-old said. “I’m comfortable that the equity markets will continue to be better over time with increasing value and dividends.’’

“I am positive about 2014, but it will not be like 2013 in terms of S&P 500 index gains,’’ he said. “The stock market will be up due to better global earnings and consumers doing better. Consumers are recovering their appetite for goods, as they are only now emerging from their version of the debt crisis.’’

Left: Denis O'Brien, at last year's World Economic Forum in Davos