Top 35 Tech Gifts for 2013

By Rich Jaroslovsky and Cliff Edwards - 2013-11-18T19:11:41Z

Courtesy Nest Labs

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Nest Protect Smoke Detector

Who makes it: Nest Labs 

What it costs: $129 

Why we like it: Nest's goal is to replace dumb, annoying devices in the home with smart, elegant ones. Following its popular learning thermostat comes Protect, a smoke and carbon-monoxide detector. Instead of automatically sounding a piercing alarm, a human voice first tells you when it detects smoke and gives you a chance to head things off with an I-only-burned-the-toast wave of your hand. Use its mobile app to get an alert if the alarm goes off, or to check the battery level to avoid that obnoxious change-me chirp. It even doubles as a motion-sensing nightlight.

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