Where in the World to Get Sick -- or Stay Healthy

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2013-11-07T17:57:52Z

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United States

Rank: 1st

Total government spending on health care:  $1,286.5B

Per capita government spending on health care: $3,954.2

2011 Health-care spending as % of GDP: 8.2%


Bloomberg ranked countries based on total government spending on health care. Total health expenditure, which covers preventive and curative health services, family planning, nutrition activities (school lunches, food-safety training, etc.) and emergency aid, is the sum of public and private health expenditures. Public expenditure includes recurrent and capital spending from, but not limited to, central and local government budgets. Calculations of government spending on health care relative to gross domestic product, total government spending and total health-care costs are provided for reference. All data used were the most recent available. Countries with GDPs of less than $100 billion or with insufficient data were excluded.

Sources: World Health Organization, World Bank

As of: Oct. 23, 2013

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