10 U.S. Programs We Didn't Miss Until the Shutdown

By Amelia Hennighausen and Eric Roston - 2013-10-02T10:02:30Z

Photograph by Chris Fertnig

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Federal Belt-Tightening Risks American Stomachs

Judging by Americans' waistlines and cholesterol levels, the Food and Drug Administration's nutrition information and promotion programs might not be working. Now, the people who run them aren't either. "FDA will be unable to support the majority of its food safety, nutrition, and cosmetics activities," the agency states in its funding contingency plan

What's worse, many of the men and women charged with keeping the food supply safe are in the same position: "FDA will also have to cease safety activities such as routine establishment inspections, some compliance and enforcement activities... and the majority of the laboratory research necessary to inform public health decision-making."

Just another thing that makes the whole federal impasse tough to swallow. 

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