Top 10 Colleges for Tech CEOs

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2013-08-29T14:47:58Z

Photograph by Billy Hustace/Getty Images

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2. Stanford University (Tied)

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Stanford ranks near the top. The university has played a crucial role in the growth of Silicon Valley, and the school's main campus is a short drive from the headquarters of some of the world's largest technology companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook.

Among Stanford's seven graduates who now run tech companies are Broadcom's Scott McGregor, NetSuite's Zach Nelson, Nuance Communications' Paul Ricci and Tableau Software's Christian Chabot. Before Marissa Mayer became Google's first female engineer and the CEO of Yahoo!, she was a Cardinal.

Separately, 17 tech CEOs earned their graduate degrees at Stanford, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Still, what may surprise you is that Stanford wasn't No. 1. So which school won out?