Machine Gun Americana

By Jane Hwang - 2013-02-21T20:47:25Z

Photograph by Pete Muller

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"One need not come of age in a gun-friendly environment to understand and appreciate the excitement and camaraderie at OFASTS. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and had shot a handgun only once, but I’d be lying if I said I did not grin ear to ear as I fired belt-fed machine guns off that Oklahoma ridgeline. The invitations to shoot came from kind and welcoming dealers and collectors who were a far cry from the “gun nut” stereotypes who have become mythical protagonists in the American gun debate. While I didn’t flout my progressive politics, I never concealed them, and throughout my stay in the gun-toting heartland, I was treated with inclusive respect and moving hospitality." -- Pete Muller

Left, spectators and shooters enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs during a break in shooting.