Terrifying Roads for Adventurous Drivers

By Marisa Lascala - 2014-01-24T18:57:01Z

Photograph by Imaginechina/Corbis

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Guoliang Tunnel Route


Risk Factor: For years, the village of Guoliang asked the government to build a highway that would connect them to the surrounding towns. After the government kept refusing, the village sent its 13 strongest to build one themselves. The DIY approach may seem quaint—until you have to drive on it. The two-way road is just 13 feet across with a steep drop off the cliffs to one side and, having been carved by hand, dips and twists at unexpected angles where the rock was easiest to remove.

Why you might be tempted to drive it anyway: The builders saw fit to include 30 "windows" of varying sizes in the quarter-mile-long tunnel. Depending on your feeling about heights, the views can be a reminder of the fall that could occur on the other side of the tunnel wall, or a window into a sweeping vista of China's landscape.

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