Travel Changes That Will Affect You in 2014

By Wendy Perrin - 2014-01-03T17:02:51Z

Photograph courtesy Oceana

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U.S. Cruise Ships Draw a More Global Crowd

Cruise lines have been marketing themselves to an international audience in a big way, and the result is that, on your next cruise out of a foreign port, you’ll find more Europeans, South Americans, Australians, and/or Asians. As an example, 23 nationalities were represented on the Oceania cruise I took through the Panama Canal this year. When a preponderance of certain nationalities are onboard, the cruise experience gets modified to suit local tastes.  You might find, for instance, that dining service is tweaked to suit Brazilians onboard who want to eat late, or that an Asian cruise itinerary skips beautiful beaches because the Chinese on board dislike harsh sunlight.

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