The World's Oldest Operating Nuclear Power Reactors 

By Amelia Hennighausen and Eric Roston - 2013-10-18T17:24:06Z

Photograph by AP Photo

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2. Tarapur, India

Indira Gandhi, then premier of India, at the inauguration of the Tarapur Atomic Power Plant on Jan. 20, 1970. The plant's Unit 1 and 2 reactors had gone into operation on October 28, 1969. 

India currently has 20 nuclear reactors producing commercial power. It doesn't make the list of top 10 nuclear producers, which is led by the U.S., France and Russia. But India has approximately 400 million people without access to power, requiring major investment in baseload electricity generation — hence the country has 7 plants under construction, 18 planned and 39 proposed.

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